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LA, California

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The story of Tony Nowak and his relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger is fascinating. Both are immagrants, loved bodybuilding, and had a strong desire to focus on their dreams!


Tony immigrated from Poland via Canada.  He came to Venice California and trained at Gold's gym where he met Joe Gold who he considered a great friend and mentor.  This is also when he met Arnold, Franco Columbo and many other bodybuilding greats. Tony trained with great discipline and rose in the bodybuilding ranks. 

Tony moved to the desert and returned in 1990 where upon he started Tony Nowak Originals (TNO), because clothes did not fit his large bodybuilding frame.  Shortly thereafter, his business took off.

Because of his friendships and relationships, Tony found himself making custom jackets for many well-known bodybuilders and Hollywood superstars!

He supported the Arnold Classic since its inception and this will be our 27th year coming to Columbus.  

Unfortunately our founder passed away a few years ago but his legend lives on  through our support and his hand-made, Made in the USA, jackets. 



Arnold wears a Tony Nowak Original!

Arnold joins the Tony Nowak Original team for a photo. We all sport the Arnold Jackets to share in the excitement!

Only a limited amount of jackets will be produced. Get yours befor they are gone!

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